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UX FLAVOR is an user experience (UX) consultancy that focuses on usability and user research for interactive products. Our purpose is to make your site serve the needs of its users. All what you have is to hear from the users on what they “actually” needs, and how they really “feel” toward your site

We can help you to learn more about the potential users and what modification you need to make. Start today to make sure you are in the right path and achieve your business goals

Did you know that 42% of Web buying consumers made their most recent online purchase because of a previous good experience with the retailer.

What We Do

User Research and Testing

You build, we test… don’t just assume. To make sure what you are building is not only working, but is what users need and up to their expectations (and beyond!). You need to involve the users and test their interaction with the site. To explore user experience, we observe their behavior and look over their shoulder to get deep understanding of their emotions and feelings. Interviewing the user during and after the test will relief the answers of what user wants? Where he is struggling?  and what other sites he is considering?

User Experience Design

User experience design (UXD) is the art of creating interactive website/product with respect of the users and their needs.  The website should be tailored toward its target audience and speaks their language in simple, clear, direct, and effective ways. It is very important to get the users understand “who you are?” in five seconds after landing at your page. The feelings and impressions you make with your design will determine whether the visitor will buy and recommend friends, or leave and never come back again.

Data Analysis

Website statistics is a huge resource that is considered as a golden mine. We need to dive deep and read between the lines, perform analytic in order to understand how the users are behaving. With this information at hand, we will get clear picture of your site traffics. Essentially we will see what is going on? Where the users are coming from?   And where the users are leaving?

Validating of these findings is confirmed with user research and testing.

Usability Study

A complete walks through for your website/product with Usability Expert to identify the key issues. There are set of guidelines that every website needs to meet at minimum. We take this list as basic and we add every emerging technology and marketing trends. The objective is to make the business goals clear and shine where the users can easily catch the site message and do their task with love.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution”

Albert Einstein
What UX will do for me?

Many studies and cases show improvement of different KPIs when using UX

(adapted from usabilitynet.org)


Increased user satisfaction


Increase in sales


Reduce development time and cost


Reduce in support calls and tickets

… and many more ROIs and benefits of direct and indirect UX project check our UX Stuff page for more Numbers and resources 

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What makes us distinct

Quick approach

Accelerated process is done by conducting different UX techniques in one bundle covering wide range of UX angles. Working as task force to provide harmonized report in quick manner.

Within budget

Full UX research and testing is very costly. We achieve the same results with same quality with much less cost.

At natural environment

We run test and research with real users, anywhere, with different scenarios in order to get the most truthful outcomes

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