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Note: I have chop this blog into two parts. Part 1, is all about basic (which you will find here). Part 2: start with Trends of the UX and where you can dig more about UX.


Last week we hold a wonderful meeting for UX MEETUP group. We see many people are interesting in the subject and Eager to learn more about UX. Most of the attendees are Software Engineer Students. It was great to hear from fresh mind student about their plan and thought of UX.


I believe the big advantage of these meetups is to get to know and meet new friends and network with people that share the same interest.  That what make the gathering very interesting and valuable to people to connect with others in order to exchange the knowledge and experience.

Starting with UX definition, which seems straightforward, but it is very important to understand the meaning. So, we used  the Wikipedia definition and highlight the most keywords  to make it easy to understand. as you can see from the below slides:
Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 2.12.09 PM


What is UX?

In short, UX is the users’ feeling toward the system while interacting with it that will make the user happy or unhappy. This feeling is subjective and changing overtime. At this point we just want to make the everyone on the same page and agree on the UX terms. But, to make the subject more interesting, we need to tell a story about UX in the real life. So, I start to speak about the story of the golden button. A very classic story about UX that has a lot of morals and meanings.

Then, we move to UX Triangle. Again, my goal here to show the concepts and basics, where every thing else will be built on. The first side of the triangle is “User’s needs” this is answer of why you build this service to and what features you should include. Knowing the user is the main and very important factor in UX, as it is all about the users.

 Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 2.17.37 PM

The second side of the Triangle is the “Business’s Objectives”. Here is what the business looking for in providing the service to the users in return. It is not necessary this could be monetary value at one stage, for example, the business objective is to acquire more users then later to charge them for the service. Finally, the bottom side is the “technology” which basically used to bridge the users’ needs with business object at what technology can offer. This means based on the current user need’s, you need to look into the technology and see how you can make this possible, for example, to easy sharing photo directly from mobile’s camera, instead of uploading the pictures from other non-mobile device.

The point that I want to make here, is these factors are keep changing and everyone in charge needs to adopt for this change. Like when people are moving from desktop to mobiles (user needs) the business comes with more solution to satisfy these needs like mobile apps and responsive design (technology). Here, you will get to know what will be the trends without explicitly mention it.

What do you need to get your system into UX?           

in order to make sure you get UX into your project, you need to follow these 3 principles (just to simplify, there a lot to do around these point)

First, know your users. Identify your target users, is the primary step in your project. Once you know the target users, look for their needs and how they want to use the system. Learn their pain points, desires, willingness and working environments.

Secondly, once you know the users, you need to speak with them about your service. It will be even better to notice how they interact with the system. Pay a huge attention to their face expression, body language, hand gestures and where they click/tabs.

Finally, keep it up and always update or add features that users need. It is not a necessary to be a new feature, enhance the exiting the currents once is good enough.

Seems simple, but in fact a lot of business fall because of this. Yes, it is difficult to know what users wants and anticipate how they will use the system. This why UX methods and techniques come in handy.

Demonstrate with examples

Show by example worth all the explanation. An example of bad  UX screen from airlines website. I was trying to demonstrate even small things have big impact on the user impacts. Like the check button below for flexible schedule.  For me, I cannot tell if it is check or not. Even, one of the guest was facing same issue and he has to do “trail-and-error” to see which one works.


Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.16.23 AM Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.16.54 AM

the screenshot above was taken about 6 months ago, and I was trying to check if it fixed or not. In fact, they seem notice it, and it was fixed… not perfect, but better.

 Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.20.47 AM

In this example, even the front-end designer did his job based on his preference, still you need to test with users. Simple thing like this can easily revealed.



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Mohammed Alibrahim
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