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A famous happy ending tall tale that demonstrates the importance of the UX team




Once upon a time, there was an online store that making well sales and making good money. Until they notice that the users are stopping in the middle of the way and haven’t complete there checkout process. “There nothing to stop them” designers say, “everything is working fine” they added.  The CEO yells “so, what we do? Where is the problem?”

No body answer!

Lucky, there is a UX team came to rescue …

The UX team, first, look around to see where the users are stopping and why?! They discover that users are stopping at register sign.  “how this could be a problem” CEO says. “let’s ask the users” the UX team replies.

When one of the users were asked why they stop here, he replies “I’m not here to make a relationship!”

A silent moment with deep thinking of the UX team and the business

Are the user rights? Is register form complicated? Is user able to retrieve his login details?

Finally, the UX team came with the solution: “the golden button”. Basically, they add a button to continue to their way without a need to register. This buttons increase the sales by 45% which is translated into $300 Million a year.

Users, Business, and the UX team all lived happily ever after… the end.

There are a lot of lessons of this traditional case, still, not all the business are aware of their issue. What to take form the story. The moral of the story:

  • Never assume your site is working because it is functional
  • Involve the users at all your stage of design
  • There are many hidden issue that only revealed with user testing and research
  • The key is the user, make the site work for them as they need
  • Ask for help from the expert to fix your issue quickly
  • The business have no idea there is even a problem


Is this applicable to any site? Yes, every site need to be revisited, test, retest, again and again to make sure it severs the purpose overtime. Do you think that small or minor changes to the website can make such difference?

Mohammed Alibrahim
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Mohammed Alibrahim

Ux Consultant at UX Flavor
Master Degree in MSIT eBusiness Technology from Carnegie Mellon University. With vast experience of more than six years in different fields and roles including HP Engineer, SAP Consultant, Oracle Database Administrator, System and Information Analysis, and Business Development Manager. He is passionate about UX and Usability and making world better place for users and business. interested in mobile, new wearable technology, and Internet of Things.
Mohammed Alibrahim
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