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Here is a brief summary of the event we have in the World Usability Day 2016.


The audience was very interesting in the subject of UX from ground up. So, I have prepared the presentation for beginner level, start with What is UX and its importance, then demo the powerful tool “Usability Testing” with a live session. Ending with the subject of the day, the Green UX.


Like what a UX will do at the beginning of the show in order to explain the concept, we started with some stories and examples.  So, I started with this iconic:

Steve Job
Steve Job

There is no doubt that Steve Jobs had changed the world and make the Apple company the biggest on the earth. So, the key question here how he did this? What he did? The short answer is that Steve cares about the User Experience and place this on the top on his list. Actually, he builds a product that people needs and how it works, not how it looks.


This is not even a secret! Steve admitted he made a mistake with starting with the product engineer then “ask” and “enforce” the user to use it!!! The correct way is to start with the “customer experience”. believe it or not this was stated clearly in public in 1997 at WWDC before ten years of iPhone’s lunch. Here is the clip, this is the Apple’s secret!

This is a golden advice for anyone in the business or startup to start with the customer and build the product or the service as their needs. Another amazing fact that place Apple on the top, and achieve the greatest customer satisfaction, is the Apple ‘s store design. Look at how they care about your visit, how the product is layout and where your kids can go. Do you know where is the cashier is located in the Apple’s Store? A big thank for Marwan, from the audience, for sharing his experience with Apple store. At least I get a witness for showing a great UX.


Then, we move to another dramatic story, the story of the golden button. You can read the original article from uie.com , and you can read it in the story mode in my blog.


The moral of the story is you always need to ask the users and never assume. Asking a real user using the usability test method, is the best option to do. Without speaking with your users and know what they are doing in your website, is just like sitting alone in the room.


Then we start the agenda 😉




So, what is UX? you may answer the question by answering this one:


What is love?


Very simple, right, but it is very important to learn and know that is the different elements which effect the UX. As far the process or project concern for UX, you need to make sure that you include the 3 major steps


Research     ->         design         – >       test


More importantly, you need to make sure in every step, in everything you do …you need to include the user. In the other words, you need to be user-centric design.  Also, the steps and the process are iterated and should be cycle around …. Almost forever … if you want to survive and stay in the business.


This the basic of UX, still it is a big deep ocean that needs to be discovered more and more. If you want, you can get advantage of the The Interaction Design Foundation website to learn a lot. Take one bite at the time.


Like any professional in the earth, UX use certain tools to fix the usability and user issues. Depends on the problem, we can fix it using applicable tool.  There are many different UX tools we do.



For further explanation, we spoke about the Usability Test method, as I believe it is very powerful tool and give a big insight for your product.  Simply for one reason: you will see what users really, really actually do. If you ask someone if he can ride a bicycle, he most likely will say Yes. But let him do it in front of you, will be amazed of the results.




To be honest, I got amazed as well every time I run Usability Testing. The people are struggling a lot and they cannot even understand where they go. I run the live session twice with the same website, both fail to complete any of the three simple tasks. They both were thinking the website was a prototype or still in development! Actually, the website is live and running, and it is www.flydubai.com



Usability test can give you many indicators and metrics of your website in the eye of the users. Even it is somehow expensive, you still can do it. You can simply get someone in the public place, like a coffee shop, make a friendly request of anyone in the shop to test your website in exchange of a cup of coffee.  This is called a guerrilla usability test.  Is better than nothing at all. To me, you will get better feedback, of you do it right, rather than getting in labs test. You may read this blog for why.


Then we finally spoke about the Green UX, the topic of the day. We  add an extra factor to the equations.


UX = user focused + environment care


This means you keep seeking the best user experience with extra care of the environment. For example, boarding pass for airlines, one day it used to be done online check-in, but still you need to print the boarding pass. People had a nightmare looking for someone with a printer to get it print out. Nowadays, traveler who do the online check-in, he will get the code on his phone, and he can get in the plane without any need to print it and harm the tree.


some examples for green UX also include the IoT and the reuse of your smart phone to control the thermometer at your home, anywhere.  This give you the power and safe your wallet for extra expenses.


UX Green

This ends our talk for the day and the interesting discussion I have during the presentation. If you interested, please let me know your feedback and if there any topic you want to speak about, in the comments below.



Thank you,,,,

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Mohammed Alibrahim
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