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UX Flavor is an User Experience (UX) Consultancy focusing on usability and user research. In every project, we are working toward two main goals:

  1. Build a pleasurable and interactive touch point between user and technology.
  2. Support business to understand the user behavior and achieve their objects and meet sales expectations.

We love our jobs  and do all what we have to achieve the mutual advantages for all parties. Our team is assembled upon mission and we have the team from different background to see the issue from different angles. We are always looking around with up to date trends and technology and how they playing  roles in the way we work, life and use things.

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How UX Flavor can help you
Understand the real reasons why users leave your site

Dig deep in the visitors log files and analytic reports to find how the users are moving around and where they left.

Convert more visitors to customers

Make the users find what they want quickly and easy with clear directions

Encourage users to buy and make more purchase

Organize and supplement the information that is needed at the right place at the right time

Build the right product and reduce cost and time

Focusing on building the right product that fits customer needs and exceptions, and not wasting time/money on non-needed features.

Our Skills
Research and Development
User Experience (UX)
Google Analytics
SEO Optimized

Meet The Team

Mohammed Alibrahim

Mohammed Alibrahim

UX Consultant and Founder of UX Flavor


Mohammed Hold a Master Degree in MSIT eBusiness Technology from Carnegie Mellon University (one of the top school in USA and is very well known for HCI). He brings vast experience of more than six years in different fields and roles including HP Engineer, SAP Consultant, Oracle Database Administrator, System and Information Analysis, and Business Development Manager.

Providing the clients with the finest quality service that meets user expectation (and beyond!) and make people life easy, is the top priority taking on his shoulders. Mohammed’s interests include Hi-Tech, eBusiness, technology, mobile and research. When he is not on duty, he is reading books to learn something new.

Read more about Mohammed’s profile:View Mohammed Alibrahim's profile on LinkedIn

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