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We are running more than one method and many analysis to get the most accurate results and relative feedback. This is why we bundle this techniques in one service … to serve you better

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You may Contact us directly by email and provide us with all the details mentioned above


What I will get?

You will get a complete report in form of slides deck covering all the findings and results

How much it costs?

We will estimate the cost based on the your website size and effort it needs

After receiving the report, when I should do the changes?

Immediate as you agree with the findings

Can I have in-person presentation?

Upon request, with extra cost

Can I get complete, lengthy written report in word?

Writing a lengthy report will not help in attaining the goal. As the purpose of the study to find the issue and fix it not to leave it on the shelf.

Can you test my Arabic site?


Can you provide Arabic report at the end?

Yes, but it will take longer to produce.

Can I nominate a user to you as tester?

Yes, we prefer to have both existing and potential users in order to hear from all

Are you running the test in lap?

We believe in real user environment, it will give us more realistic view of the usage of the product as in everyday life

What devices you use to test our site?

Almost every device in the market. We start and focus on the mostly used devices at the market but never ignore the rest. This includes desktop/laptop , mobile, tablet and even smart TV.

Do you test a prototype, pre-lunch site?

Yes, you can send us a link, or files and we will test it

Do you test entire website?


My website requires users to buy/create account, how you will test this?

In case you have online store, you need to provide us with promotion code where the users will need to enter at checkout. In other case we will let user experience the purchase payment and will give him some money to buy.

In case you have online service for your clients, like banks and service providers, we will need test demo users for this purpose

What is the number of users for testing?

For every device we use 3-5 users. If the test is not to our standard and expectation, we do not count it

Who are the testers?

Anyone in the target audience. It depends on the website you are testing, for example, if you test for your retail store, we will go the retail store and seat down with users and take their thoughts in the online presence of the retails store.

We will always, looking to get different segment and users group.

Do you check the contents of the website?

We take a quick glance check of the content, this means not word by word, we do not check grammar or spelling mistake, but we will tell you if we spot them.

I have a website only, I do not need to have mobile test?

Wrong.  More than half of the visitor will come from the mobile. If you do not have mobile apps, we need to test your mobile version of your website. It should be optimized for mobile “responsive”

I have a software/application, can you help here?

Yes, we can. We can plan a site visit to check your software

Can you work with full UX project?

Yes, we can. Give us a call to discuss.

I have website/apps design project, can you involve with the team?

Yes, give us a call.

Can we have initial meeting, introductory to learn about UX?

Yes, at your command.

We need to build in-house application for our business, can you help here?

Yes, we have an expert for this.

Do I need to completely re-new my design?

In general, yes. You need to completely renovate your site as indicators of “we still in business, we are refreshing”.

Should I wait to do the changes in new design?

No, never wait. Any identified issue, you need to fix immediately to gain the benefits

I want to learn more about UX?

Read our blogs and there are plenty of UX resources online, you may start with uie.com

I need to educate my team about UX? How?

Are you looking for normal UX training or awareness workshop. Give us a call to discuss, we can help.

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here what we will do

Browser Testing

Usability Check


User Testing

(Desktop and Mobile)


Expert Review


Benchmark and Score Analysis


User Interview


Web Statistics Analysis / Google Analytic

What you will get


A Complete Report* that cover the following:

  • Method used and test sample
  • Site score and Ranking  (4 Different resource)
  • Persona (Brief overview of users profile)
  • Users Feedback
  • Usability issues
  • Suggestions to fix issues

* in pdf format


Highlight of user testing videos* who used your site

*in case user agree to record test session

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We are offering a FREE Consultation after the all changes and recommendations implemented within 30-days of the delivery. You can always count on us!